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Pamoja Tunaweza


Livy Africa is a manufacturing, research and development social business. We focus on improving multi sector value chains in the Southern Highlands of Tanzania. Our main sectors include agriculture, health and beauty, food, tourism, sport and digital.

What we do

Livy Africa Innovation and Enterprise model transforms multi sector value chains, boosts the attractiveness of the agriculture sector to entrepreneurs in urban and rural communities and creates greater employment opportunities nationwide.

Livy Labs

Research, development and training living labs. Going from idea / concept to product / service.

Livy Make

Manufacturing, processing and quality control of various food and beauty items for internal and external markets.

Naturals by Livy

Sustainable and ethical health and beauty brand.

Eco Travel Tanzania

Tourism experiences and eco lodgings in the Southern Highlands region of Tanzania.

Eco Farm Tanzania

A blog showcasing the journey and adventures of young farmers learning and sharing as they go.

Livy Sports

Supporting the development of sports academies and community based sports events.

We are passionate about working locally with global impact



Incubated Projects

social enterprises receiving business development and technical services

Businesses supported to scale up

inclusive innovation supported through replication, adoption and adaption



incubated Projects

Social enterprises receiving business development and technical services

businesses supported to scale up

inclusive innovations supported through replication, adoption and adaption

The Challenge

One of the challenges facing Tanzania is to attain inclusive growth that ensures equity in the society.

Non-inclusive growth manifests itself in several respects, such as increasing unemployment (particularly, youth unemployment), high and pervasive rural poverty, health inequalities and increasing income inequalities in the midst of high economic growth.

Promoting growth with equity requires a holistic approach to sustainable human development.

Our Latest Work

See images from some of our latest projects and some of the entrepreneurs we are supporting.

Our ready for business programme

Supporting entrepreneurs who are either at the first stages of starting a business or they have an established project that they have yet to turn into a business.

Our programme supports entrepreneurs through our flexible incubation where we support them in their locations bringing them together for training and networking sessions.


  • Business Skills
  • Finances
  • Interpersonal and Communication skills
  • Quality Control
  • Branding
  • Sales and Marketing
  • Digital Skills

“Without unity, there is no future for Africa” Julius ‘Mwalimu’ Nyerere

championing sustainable development goals

We are passionate about social impact and developing businesses that have a positive benefit to people and the planet. Our impact is measured in line with the UN sustainable development goals.

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